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Recently I had occasion to be in Chicago near my families old home on May Street so I decided to swing by Garfield Blvd to see if time had been kind to Visitation school and church. With all the negative reports we hear about the inner city, I was pleasantly surprised to see the school and the parish church still open. Seven of our eight siblings attended Vis and while I only attended the school for three years, I have vivid memories of the school and the daily trek down 52nd to Peoria to get there. As a youngster, it seems like we lived in a catholic bubble with Visitation at the center of that bubble. Most of our lives centered around school or church back then. You may have already read the recounts of my older sister Joan on this website and while we have all heard the stories of the tough nuns and stern priests that kept catholic schools running in the old days, Joan's memories for the most part seem quite fond, as are mine. Admittedly, I was not much interested in school back then but I was never more secure in my world than when the 10 of us lived together in that crumbling old brownstone, attended Mass as a class and as a family and knew wherever I was in that big old building one of my siblings was just down the hall. Things were never the same after we moved out to Hoffman Estates as all us kids were split up into different schools all over town. Next time I am down on the south side I am going to stop into the church.

Happy 90th Birthday Rosemary Mant von Perbandt 43'
Happy Birthday Rosemary!

On July 13th, Rosemary Mant von Perbandt celebrated her 90th birthday with family. We would like to wish her a very happy birthday. Rosemary graduated Visitation Grammar School in 1939 and Visitation High School in 1943. Her daughter told us her mom still has many fond memories of her time at Visitation.

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  • Tonnica Jones Class of 1987
  • Daniel J Daley Grammar School Class of 1965
  • Diane (Trefny) Henderson Grammar School Class of 1970
  • Eileen Casey Collins Grammar School Class of 1954 and High School Class of 1958
  • Donna Masters Phelan Grammar School Class of 1961 and High School Class of 1965
  • Eileen Graf Hopkins Grammar School Class of 1957 and High School Class of 1961
  • Joan Lunebach Grammar School Class of 1965

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Eileen Graf Hopkins Shares...

I was a graduate of Visitation Kindergarten 1949, Grade School 1957 and High School 1961. Our family had lived in the Parish many years with two aunts serving as Presidents of the Blessed Sacrament Society. My uncle, Bill Gallagher, served the children of Visitation for many years. He was the long-time (25 years?) crossing guard on the Boulevard on the south side of the street, closest to the Church.

Donna Masters Phelan Remembers...

My name is Donna Masters Phelan I went to Visitation grade school class of 1961 and high school class of 1965. I lived on 53rd place near Peoria until the late 1960's when we moved to near Midway Airport. Following High School graduation I followed a calling to the religious life and went to "The Mound" in September 1965 it was a wonderful place to be but the final commitment of vows was never made. I returned home in December of 1967 and continued my studies at Rosary college. In the summer of 1968 I took a position at Talman Federal Savings and Loan and remained there for 15 years - I married in 1972 to John Phelan (Jack) we had two children Colleen (1973) and John (1976). A job opportunity took us to New Hampshire in 1983 - what a different way to live compared to the hustle and bustle of Chicago - we were far from our families and in 1985 we moved to Westlake, OH a suburb of Cleveland. My husband suffered with COPD I went to work full time again in the banking field this time with Dollar Bank. My husband Jack (John) passed away in 1998 he was 51 as I look back on it now he was so young and how I wish he were here to see his grandchildren Ava (8) adopted by my daughter from Guatemala in 2006 and Chloe (7) and Cooper (3) children of my son John and his wife Jen. I know he is there watching over them and the children know who he is. I continued working for Dollar Bank and retired after 23 years of service in March 2013. Today I am a busy grandmother I volunteer in several ministries at my church St. Ladislas (Westlake) my work with the elderly in the nursing homes is dear to my heart as well as the work of St Vincent DePaul with our sister parish in Cleveland, St. Ignatius. I volunteer at the North Ridgeville Community Care center in the suburb I now live in, I am blessed but there are many who need assistance. I am so proud to have been a VIS kid the V is embedded on our foreheads and through the I Am From Vis website we Vis kids still share a bond and memories from that special time of our lives on the Boulevard. A few years back I attended Mas at Visitation my breath was taken away by the beauty of my church perhaps another time I will have the opportunity to worship there again.

Joan Lunebach Shares...

I was searching the WEB and I found Visitation School pictures. I was so excited because I went to Vis, along with my other brothers and sisters in the 60's . I went to school 1st through 8th at Visitation Grade School. Graduated in 1965. Our family moved to the Northwest suburbs in 1965. Moving to Schaumburg Illinois was a culture shock for all of us. Through the years, I have had many dreams of the school, the sisters, Father Wilson and Father Wolfe. Marching down the stairs to music and in unison are fond memories believe it or not. I married in 1975 had 2 children Tara and Dana, and divorced in 1999. I have been a Registered Nurse for many years and earned a Masters degree in Nursing Education and currently teach nursing students as well as work with cardiac patients at a local community hospital. My upbringing at Visitation was wonderful, and left me with great memories. I enjoyed the Irish parties and having St. Patrick Day off every year. Roller skating at the auditorium. The best was when Sister Marie Celine would have Candy Day and we could buy candy from the closet.....going to mass during lent, May Procession, wearing the green beanies. I am glad our school is still enjoying teaching within those walls.

Visitation High School (now houses Visitation Grade School)

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