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Who We Are & Why We Are Different

If you're a parent, guardian or even a youngster looking to find a safe environment with rigorous curriculum that will prepare any child for their best possible future, Chicago's Visitation Catholic School is the place you are looking for.

The Catholic Christian tradition of excellence in education which we have employed since 1891 has welcomed and served the needs of any child from Englewood, Garfield Park, Back of the Yards and beyond. We educate children from PreK - 8th grade.

Here at Visitation, all Illinois State Standards are met or exceeded every year, small-class sizes with personal attention are standard, before-school and after-school programs help develop the athletic, psychological and spiritual well-being of all students.

We encourage you to browse our website and look at our activities, history, photos, scholarships and student successes.

Finally, for any prospective family we would be more than happy to answer any questions about Visitation you may have. We also encourage any parents or guardians to schedule a tour of our facility to see Visitation first hand!

Please call our Main Office at 773.373.5200 or email

Transfer Policy:

  • Students seeking to transfer to Visitation Catholic School must meet with the Principal. Please contact our school office at 773.373.5200.
  • A child must be 5 years of age on or before September 1st of the year that they will be entering Kindergarten.
  • A child must be 3 years of age and potty trained by September 1st of the year they will be entering Pre-K.
  • Registration forms and fees must be filled out completely and submitted to the main office in order to reserve a spot in the upcoming academic ye

Families can afford to invest in a better future for their children

  • We respect that our students’ parents are investing in their education, and we make sure that this investment pays off by graduating academically capable and morally sound young adults.
  • Multiple payment plans are available to meet individual family needs, including several affordable monthly payment plans.
  • Scholarship support is made available from our partners at the Big Shoulders Fund and other private donors. The Archdiocese of Chicago also invests in our schools to make them affordable for working families.
  • We accept Child Care Inititive for Pre-Kindergarten and Extended Day Care services.
  • Hot lunch program, including breakfast and snack, is available to all of our students at NO additional cost.

We are a faith-filled community – we pray in school and serve the community and each other

  • Students pray daily in the classroom, as well as during school-wide prayer services.
  • Students serve the community in many ways, including leading food drives, acting as liturgical dancers, participating in our Gospel choirs, serving as acolytes at faith services.
  • Students serve each other, with older students acting as mentors and friends to younger students.
  • Students discuss moral issues and ethics, and are exposed to both popular and faith-based approaches to these issues. Our core curriculum deals with moral issues, providing both objective facts and value-based considerations based on Catholic social teaching.
  • We respect a variety of faith and ethnic traditions, including a variety of other Christian and non-Christian denominations (e.g., Baptist, Muslim, etc.). While Catholic students receive sacramental preparation, non-Catholic students are not required to participate.
  • We do encourage our families to be Church-going.

We set high expectations in personal responsibility for our students

  • Our experience is that personal responsibility is a key attribute in being a productive and faith-filled adult. Moreover, it takes the students’ own personal responsibility to achieve the hopes and aspirations that they and their parents have for their lives.
  • We work with parents to develop young adults that have a high degree of personal responsibility – responsible for their actions and words, and responsible to contribute to their families and society.
  • Students are expected to succeed, and to be responsible for their success. We build on this personal responsibility by adding the academic and guidance resources to help students succeed.
  • Student leaders run food drives and other community service projects (e.g., Haitian relief, collecting clothing for the homeless, etc.).
  • Our Visitation Scholarship Program and Junior Scholars Program are both specifically geared to encourage students to be responsible and to provide them with the confidence and life skills necessary to be personally responsible.

Our graduates go on to attend the best selective high schools in Chicago

  • Recent graduates attend the best Catholic and selective public high schools in Chicago, including St. Ignatius, Mt. Carmel, Northside College Prep, DeLaSalle Institute, Queen of Peace, St. Rita, Comer College Prep (Noble Street Charter), etc.
  • Attending a Catholic or Magnet high school is critically important – 97% of Catholic high school students graduate, while only 63% of minority public high school students graduate. (Source: Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago)
  • Graduates often come back to Visitation and share their high school experience. Not only does this continue our relationship with the students, but graduates overwhelmingly share how well prepared they are for the challenges of high school.

We ensure that our students make significant academic advancements

  • We respect that our students’ parents are investing in their education, and we make sure that this investment pays off by graduating academically capable and morally sound young adults.
  • Visitation is a recipient of the prestigious Joseph Cardinal Bernardin award for successfully helping students to increase academic achievement.
  • We believe that our students can and will succeed, and to be responsible for their success. We build on this personal responsibility by adding the academic and guidance resources to help students succeed.
  • The longer a student is enrolled at Visitation, the more academic progress they make. Our teachers work to progressively build academic skills and confidence that directly translate into better classroom and test performance
  • We also have significant experience in helping new students grow their academic skills and achieving more than they previously thought possible.

We serve busy families from 6:00am through 6:00pm through extensive programs & activities

  • Students begin arriving at 6:00am as their parents drop them off on their way to work.
  • Students can stay for our after-school programs until 6:00pm, allowing parents to pick the students up after work.
  • Our after-school programs not only provide care for our students, they also provide additional opportunities for students and teachers to interact and reinforce classroom lessons.
  • After-school programs include:

* Homework Club * Writing Club * Chess Club * Art Club * Dance Troupe * Tutoring opportunities from DePaul University students * Boys and Girls Basketball * Flag Football * Coed Volleyball

We serve individual student needs

  • We recognize that not every student learns the same way, and that every student comes to us with a unique set of skills and challenges.
  • We work with individual students to ensure that they are learning and progressing. We believe that each child can and should learn, and we work diligently to help each child succeed.
  • In addition to our trained classroom teachers, our staff includes several talented teachers and mentors that successfully help students overcome learning challenges and who offer enrichment opportunities to go beyond the classroom.
  • Title I services are available for students needing special assistance with Reading and Mathematics.
  • Additionally, our students have the opportunity to receive tutoring from DePaul University students.

We provide a full academic program

  • We are fully accredited by the State of Illinois and the Archdiocese of Chicago, from pre-Kindergarten through 8th grade.
  • Our preschool and kindergarten are accredited by the National Association for the Edcuation of Young Children (NAEYC), the gold standard for identifying the best early childhood programs.
  • We provide a full academic program including Reading, Mathematics, English, Science, Social Studies and Religion each day and at each grade level.
  • Students in grades 6 through 8 learn Spanish through the Rosetta Stone Learning Program.
  • Students utilize a 25-station computer lab. Students learn to use the technology as a learning tool, and easily transition to technology-oriented high school programs.
  • Students enjoy physical education classes taught in our gymnasium.
  • Students are exposed to the fine arts, including music, art, dance, etc.
  • Music and dance are special fine arts subjects at Visitation. Students in grades 3 through 8 can participate in our Gospel Choir, Voices of Visitation which performs for various assemblies, prayer services and the spring concert. Additionally, students in grades 3 through 8 can participate in our liturgical dance program which performs with our choirs.

Our Visitation Scholarship Program creates future leaders

  • Our Visitation Scholarship Program and Junior Scholars Program create future leaders
  • 100% of the Scholarship Program's high school graduates go on to college.

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